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Instruments > Bundles > Electric Guitar Power Pack

Electric Guitar
Power Pack

Taught by guitar legends Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Trapp, and Jared James Nichols, this multi-style electric guitar course provides a series of video lessons teaching essential techniques in 3 popular genres: rock, blues rock, & country. In addition to lessons on critical techniques in each style, students will learn soloing techniques and have access to play-along tracks, tablature, & more.

Country, blues rock, rock guitar lessonsTab + notation

5+ hours of video contentStudio-quality backing tracks

Electric Guitar Power Pack

Electric Guitar Power Pack

Rock Guitar with Paul Gilbert

Strumming Accuracy
Pentatonic Unison Bends
Fast Picking Blues Scale
The Seeds of 16th Notes
Werewolves of Portland
Vibrato Up to the Sky or Down to the Ground
Minor Mix Up
Anchors Away

Nashville Country Guitar with Guthrie Trapp

Pentatonic Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs
Building a Solo: Introduction to Basic Soloing
Outlining Chord Changes: Basic 1-4-5-1
Building a Solo: Basic Soloing - Key of A
Changing Chords: More Accent Concepts in E
Tying Licks & Phrases Together
“Lonesome, On'ry and Mean” - Rhythm & Melody
“Folsom Prison Blues” - Rhythm & Melody
“Folsom Prison Blues” - Intermediate Soloing Over Songs

Blues Rock Guitar with Jared James Nichols

How to Approach Dynamics
Fretboard Roadmap
The A Minor Pentatonic Stepladder
5 Licks Using the A Minor Pentatonic Stepladder
Introduction to the CAGED System
5 Licks Using Advanced Bending

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What's In This Plan:

  • Curated library of deep-dive lessons
  • Includes tablature and backing tracks
  • Guidance from three master musicians