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Instruments > Fiddle > Old Time & Bluegrass Fiddle with Brittany Haas

Old Time & Bluegrass Fiddle
with Brittany Haas

Fiddle virtuoso Brittany Haas teaches her approach to old time and bluegrass styles in a series of online fiddle lessons crafted for players of all levels. Learn Brittany’s methods in multiple fiddle traditions, improv techniques, classic tunes, and more. Students have access to hundreds of video lessons and learning materials, plus the option to submit videos to Brittany for feedback.

Old Time, Bluegrass, & Celtic StylesPlay-Along Tracks

Beginner to AdvancedNotation + Written Materials

Old Time & Bluegrass Fiddle with Brittany Haas

What You'll Learn

What ultimately sets these fiddle lessons apart from other offerings is the ability to submit a video for review using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning® platform. Brittany reviews each submission and records a video response, offering specific guidance to take your fiddle playing to the next level. All students can access the Video Exchange library and watch each other’s interactions with Brittany. This library is constantly expanding and may contain the key to unlock your playing.

Top Quality Fiddle Lessons

  • 100s of fiddle lessons at your own pace
  • All levels and styles of playing welcome
  • Slow Motion & Looping on videos

About Brittany Haas

Brittany Haas is widely considered to be one of the most influential fiddlers of her generation. Her unique style and approach to the instrument have garnered her international acclaim and established her as a pioneer of traditional old time and bluegrass music. Known most for her fresh take on a wide variety of classic fiddling traditions, Brittany draws influence from not only old time and bluegrass styles but an array of Celtic and Scandinavian genres as well. She began her career as a professional musician at age fourteen, touring nationally as a member of Darol Anger’s Republic of Strings, and released her debut, self-titled record at seventeen. Since then, Brittany has shared the stage with countless musical greats including Béla Fleck, Abigail Washburn, Yonder Mountain String Band, The Waybacks, Chris Thile, and fellow ArtistWorks masters Tony Trischka and Darol Anger. In addition to collaborating on a wide variety of projects with some of the biggest names in bluegrass, Brittany also leads her own quartet alongside bassist Paul Kowert of Punch Brothers, guitarist Jordan Tice, and mandolinist Dominick Leslie called Hawktail. Brittany’s technical abilities combined with her deep knowledge of a vast array of fiddling traditions truly elevate her as a fiddler and musician. Like many bluegrass greats, Brittany calls Nashville, TN her home, and has been teaching at ArtistWorks since December 2022.

Old Time & Bluegrass Fiddle Lessons

Basic Fiddle

Introduction - Meet Your Teacher
How to Tune a Fiddle
How to Hold the Fiddle and Bow
The Left Hand
The Right Hand
Tone, Pressure & Bow Speed
Intro to Scales - The D Major Scale
The Pentatonic Scale
Hand Stretches and Warm Ups
“Angeline the Baker” - Key of D
Intro to Arpeggios
“Soldier's Joy” - Key of D
“Liza Jane” - Key of D
The G Major Scale
“Seneca Square Dance” - Key of G
“Pear Tree” - Key of G
“Elk River Blues” - Key of G
“Sail Away Ladies” - Key of G
The A Major Scale
“Ger the Rigger” - Key of A
“Ida Red” - Key of A
“Buffalo Girls” - Key of A
The A Mixolydian Scale
"Old Joe Clark" - Key of A
Scottish Jig: “Atholl Highlanders” - Key of A
The Minor Pentatonic Scale
“Thoir a nall Ailean thugam” - Key of A
Minor Scales
“Devil in the Strawstack” - Key of Am
Key Concepts: Tone
Key Concepts: Dynamics
Key Concepts: Improvising

Intermediate Fiddle

Introduction to Double Stops
Double Stops on the Low Strings: Chord Voicings
Bowing Patterns & Rhythms for Backup
"Liberty" - Key of D
"Whiskey Before Breakfast" - Key of D
Bowed Triplets: "Hudderums"
Cross Tuning: ADAE "High Bass"
"Duck River" - ADAE Tuning - Key of D
"Apple Blossom" - ADAE Tuning - Key of D
"Jenny Dang the Weaver" - Key of D
"Over the Waterfall" - Key of D
"Chattanooga" - Key of G
"Big Sciota" - Key of G
"Shove the Pig's Foot (a Little Further into the Fire)" - Key of G
"Billy Malley's Barndance" - Key of G
"Sugar in the Coffee" - Key of G
"The Girl I Left Behind Me" - Key of G
"Wheel Hoss" - Key of G
Bowing Patterns for Melodies
"Indian Ate the Woodchuck" - Key of D
"Billy in the Lowground" - Key of C
"Ragtime Annie" - Key of D
"Hangman's Reel" - Key of A
"June Apple" - Bluegrass Arrangement - Key of A
"Altamont" - Key of C
Overview on Playing Positions and Shifting
"Pike's Peak" - 3rd Position - Key of C
"Kitchen Girl" - Key of A
"Road to Columbus" - Key of A
Cross Tuning: AEAE "Cross A"
"Brushy Run" - AEAE Tuning - Key of A
"Chinquapin Hunting" - AEAE Tuning - Key of A
"June Apple" - Old Time Arrangement - AEAE Tuning - Key of A
"Half Past Four" - AEAE Tuning - Key of A
"Taylor's Quickstep" - Key of F
"Geese Honking" - Key of Bb
More Bowing Patterns for Backup

Advanced Fiddle

Key Concepts: The Role of a Fiddle Player
Introduction to Left Hand Ornaments
Left Hand Ornaments: The Twiddle
Left Hand Ornaments: The Roll
Left Hand Ornaments: The Flick
Left Hand Ornaments: The Hammer-On & The Scrunch
Left Hand Ornaments: The Pull-Offs
Left Hand Ornaments: Vibrato
"Mr. Morrison of Bognie" - Scottish Jig - Key of A
"Banish Misfortune" - Irish Jig - Key of D
Introduction to Polska Rhythm
Hawktail Tune: "Unless" - Key of D - Low Octave
Hawktail Tune: "Tobogganist" - Key of F
"Poplar Bluff" - 3rd Position - Key of D
Hawktail Tune: "Unless" - Key of D - High Octave
Hawktail Tune: "Annbjorg" - 3rd Position - Key of B
Sliding and Moving between Double Stops
"Ashland Breakdown" - 2nd Position - Key of C
"Tennessee Mountain Foxchase" - 2nd Position - Key of C
Hawktail Tune: "El Camino Pt.2" - Key of G
"Bostony" - Key of G
"Shortnin' Bread" - Key of G
"Tree King Creek" - Key of G
Scandinavian Tune: "Brannvinspolska" - Key of A
Scandinavian Tune: “Waltz in H” - Key of B Minor

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